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War Reportscreated by General Zachary Taylor (Fr, 3.10.08 8:57:37)
Replies: 1097"Deine Truppen haben erfolgreich einen Angriff von  Zachary..."last posting by General Last Samurai (Sa, 22.4.23 5:28:11)
Weltherrschaftcreated by General Zachary Taylor (Mo, 17.8.20 17:56:51)
"Hallo wollte mal fragen ob jemand den rest der Welt..."last posting by General Zachary Taylor (Mo, 17.8.20 17:56:51)
And now...created by General WhatzUp? (Mo, 26.1.15 20:32:37)
Replies: 20"mittlerweile müsste es gehen.. aber das problem ist..."last posting by General Zachary Taylor (Th, 13.8.15 18:38:06)
Auch hier die Werbung :Dcreated by General KFZV (Fr, 23.8.13 18:54:06)
"Hallo zusammen, Ich habe ein Spiel gefunden das..."last posting by General KFZV (Fr, 23.8.13 18:54:06)
wer hat lust diese runde mit mir zu spielen ?created by General Zachary Taylor (Tu, 13.7.10 17:19:07)
Replies: 4"wenn wer lust hat mit mir zusammen die runde zu gewinnen..."last posting by General alcapone (Mo, 6.2.12 18:25:19)
Server 2 Verräter Server?created by Korpskommandant Hellgate (Mo, 1.3.10 11:10:42)
Replies: 109"Yea, i know that 10 hours is much but i just cant do..."last posting by General HoHoo (Su, 25.4.10 13:24:01)
Ein Weltwunder...created by General WhatzUp? (Su, 14.2.10 15:05:27)
Replies: 16"ich auch "last posting by General de Ejército dj peter 2 (Fr, 26.2.10 15:58:43)
Neue Runde, neues Glück!created by General WhatzUp? (Su, 14.2.10 19:52:38)
Replies: 8" "last posting by Lieutenant General Rising (Tu, 16.2.10 14:20:25)
Aufruf an Josephcreated by General KFZV (Mo, 28.12.09 11:36:49)
Replies: 7"not bad man "last posting by Generalleutnant one man (We, 6.1.10 15:14:39)
I will not die!created by First Lieutenant Zachary M Munshaw (Tu, 8.9.09 17:33:35)
Replies: 4"noop"last posting by General KFZV (Sa, 26.9.09 9:03:19)
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