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Topic: "I have idea how do enjoy this game."

General HoHoo, Su, 2.8.09 14:19:45:

Why we dont share thois world into pieces...evey union have they own we collect money, make army and then fight 1 places (mean that everybody send theirs armys one place and when they are arrived then just one big fight) and then start collecting again.
Generalleutnant one man, We, 5.8.09 7:26:08:

nice man
addicted, We, 5.8.09 11:08:35:

that wouldn't work .. what we can do an i think this could be nice is:

JUST COLLECT FANATICS, anytype of fanatics .. you are not allowred to build soldier's, tank or aircraft ..
Just fight with fanatics - i think this is gonna rule !!
Generalleutnant one man, We, 5.8.09 14:15:17:

how know he is he plan moment i do that what i can
General HoHoo, We, 5.8.09 14:41:47:

yea...this is good idea too...Fanataics or rebels
LittleSata, We, 5.8.09 16:40:16:
hi to all nice to meet ya i havent been like mega long time in this game
Generalleutnant one man, Th, 6.8.09 7:02:31:

hy man
LittleSata, Th, 6.8.09 10:18:21:
so there is gona be only a fanatics / rebel war ?

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