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First Lieutenant Zachary M Munshaw, Sa, 9.1.10 9:44:43:

Sumone tried to kill me
Cant kill what you cant see
General KFZV, Sa, 23.1.10 12:16:47:
Generalleutnant one man, Sa, 23.1.10 17:27:00:

war is move center easily ;D
General KFZV, Sa, 23.1.10 17:28:01:
Generalleutnant one man, Sa, 23.1.10 17:36:37:

and i see you guys cant fight only you and need help my ally dont help then i fight my self but we to together some stuff and guy good luck and i promise next month is that round over ;D
General KFZV, Sa, 23.1.10 19:36:08:
i know

then i fight fight fight fight to the darh

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