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Topic: "Oceania"

General de Cuerpo de Ejército President Carter, Sa, 15.8.15 12:11:41:

the Governor of Australia, President Carter, and his Political Party known as the Australian Independence Movement, or AIM, in an attempt to impress the Emperor of Aisa, deploys the Royal Australian Army, (RAA) to The Australian, and New Zealander Cities to show that Australia is safe from enemy assault. President Carter, as his subjects call him, Sends a telegram back to Delhi that states " Dear, Emperor, Your Subjects of Australia request, Semi-Autonomy, to show that we are ready to govern our selves, we have deployed over 150,000 men to defend ourselves. This will also allow you to withdrawal, your own troops, and use them elsewhere such as the war front, Sincerely yours,
Your Loyal Subjects of Australia "

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